Peer Support Services

Peer Support Services

There are many barriers to maintaining long-term recovery. At Utah Addiction Medicine, we believe it is vital that one feels understood, cared for, and supported in the recovery process.

We believe these useful components in recovery are best taught and communicated by people who have a lived experience of addiction and recovery. The nature of Peer Support is a trained individual in long term recovery offering their experience to another individual in recovery.

The main focus of Peer Support is navigating the unique difficulties and barriers that arise in recovery. This provides a sense of identification and connection that is imperative to recovering people. Peer Coaches are a real-life example of what recovery is. Using recovery capital, our recovery coach strives to support the whole health of an individual. Peer Support in a medical clinic brings the experience of addiction and recovery into the medical component of recovery.

Recovery is a complex state, in which the physical, psychological, and social aspects are combind for optimal treatment outcomes. At Utah Addiction Medicine, we strive to provide support in all areas in order for our patients to maintain long term recovery.

“No other rehab I’ve been to has been able to provide an environment which enabled me to be myself and grow so much.”

— C.U.

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