What is Addict II Athlete?

In partnership with Mountain Peak Recovery, the foundation of the AIIA program resides in our philosophy of Erase and Replace. The Erase and Replace philosophy centers on eliminating attributes of addictive relationships, behavior, emotion, and objects then Replacing them with things of greater value. This concept is fundamentally the keystone to a sure foundation of recovery and healing.

We promote balance in all things. Although health, recreation and proper diet and exercise go into creating a healthy individual, team addict to athlete focuses on balance so not to be hyper focused on one action or behavior. Team had to athlete participates in local athletic events but also Community service, public speaking, recovery advocacy and much more. In order to achieve a balanced recovery, we must be involved in many attributes of life.

On Team AIIA we identify ourselves as athletes not addicts. Although we believe and understand that addiction is part of our past, we identify ourselves as fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, artists, scholars, creators, producers, athletes, champions and yes, addicts. It becomes part of us not who we are.

Help turn a mess of addiction into the message of sobriety. We are not anonymous, we do not hide behind our addiction and look at it as being weak or sick. We view addiction as a mechanism for change, hope, inspiration and strength.

Grand is the task that lies before us all when we truly take a solemn look at where life has been, where it is now and where it could potentially lead. In order to establish a sober lifestyle and to thoroughly heal from addiction, we must he transform from a Victim of Addiction to an Agent of sobriety

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